Founded in January 1990, Shandong Haishi Law Firm was altered from state-owned firm to cooperated firm in January 2001, and in April 2007, it was changed to partnership law firm. For over ten years’ development, Haishi Law Firm has become one of largest, most famous and all-round law firms.

                        For over ten years, Shandong Haishi Law Firm was awarded with over 50 honors by Shandong People’s Government, Shandong Provincial Bureau of Justice, Qingdao Municipal People’s Government. In 1994, it was awarded with “Shandong Provincial Advanced Law Firm” by Shandong Provincial Bureau of Justic and Shandong Provincial Bar Association; In 1997, it was awarded with “the Second Merit in Collectivity” by Shandong Provincial Bureau of Justice; In 2002, it was awarded with “Advanced Unit of Moral & Culture Progress” by Qingdao Municipal People’s Government; In 2005, it was awarded with “Shadong Provincial Excellent Law Firm” by Shandong Provincial Bar Association; In 2007, it was awarded with “Qingdao Municipal Excellent Law Firm” by Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Justice and Qingdao Municipal Bar Association.

                        Since the establishment, Shandong Haishi Law Firm has developed steadily and followed the trend of time. And we insist on providing comprehensive and professional legal service to clients and strengthening management systems so as to enhance service quality and teamwork consciousness. The Fire experienced a series of changes from oneness of business field to diversity, omnipotence of certified lawyers to professional and generalization of the Firm to excellence. Main fields of practice involve in litigation including finance, securities, corporation, real estate, intellectual property, international trade, civil affairs, commercial affairs, criminal defense and maritime affairs. Haishi Law Firm has worked for over 400 governmental authorities, enterprises, banks, insurance companies, joint ventures and ventures exclusively with its own investment as legal consultant. The Firm has handled over 10 thousand cases concerned litigation and non-litigation for clients to recover and avoid the economic losses amount to several billions of Yuan. With excellent and high efficient legal service, our firm got good appraisal and trust from the clients from domestic and abroad.

                        The Firm focuses on recruiting the lawyers with ability and owns a team of lawyers who are professional, well-educated, capable and seasoned. The certified lawyers accepted higher law education with undergraduate; most of lawyers with sound theory and qualification graduated from key institutes in China and got BA and LLM; most of lawyers worked for governmental authority, education authority, judicial and administrative authority and large enterprise before joining in the Firm and has abundant of practical experience.

                        Haishi lawyers would like to provide high efficient and comprehensive excellent legal service so as to prevent the clients’ lawful rights and interests with the motto of “harmonious, cautious, professional, innovative and high-efficient,” and with abundant of legal knowledge and skilled handling technique and sincere serving consciousness.


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